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My first ride in comfort

I really wanted the most comfortable means for my family to Kakamega.My wife had just delivered through an operation and I couldnt afford to pay for a flight to Kisumu with family then drive to Kakamega.She also never liked flights and had a phobia for heights.According to our tradition its important she goes home to be with the kinsmen.

I had no personal car as I work in an industry in Baba Ndogo for making sweets.My income can not sustain a car neither can i raise capital for one.We live in a one room house.Generally I am a low income earner.

It comes this time that I need to stand up strong as the head of the family and transport the whole family to the rural home in Amalemba.At work I asked a colleague to support me with ksh 10,000 of which I would pay up later in instalments with an interest.He asked me what was it for.I quickly told him I am to go tot he village an I need to book bus seats for my family  plus a few coins for upkeep at the country side.

He asked me which bus was I going to use.I quickly told him I would go scout for one at the country bus station as then a seat was going for ksh 1500.It was just that time before elections and the number of people travelling were so many.Fares had been hiked and the buses were less.His thoughts of me and lactating wife going through the push and shove at country bus made him  feel bad.He advised me to try and get Modern Coast.I laughed it out as I thought they dont go to Kakamega and they are twice expensive.

Rude shock on me.Mwendwa my colleague removed his phone and opened an application for Modern coast.First I thought it was a joke until when I saw through his phone that Modern Coast has a bus from Nairobi to Bungoma via Kakamega.As if that was not enough the price indicated was ksh 700.

I though Mwendwa wanted to con me in a way.My wife,2 children and I wanted to travel.So it meant the total cost was going to be ksh2800 unlike earlier country bus ksh6000.I had ksh 3500 in my mpesa account and told him to proceed and book if at all its true.He made the reservations and to rude shock we got an sms of how to proceed with mpesa payment.I hesitated to pay abit knowing if I lost this money it would mean much to me and my family.

Before I even made up my mind a call came in from a lady.It was Modern coast customer care number.They had called to help us with the booking.I felt relieved and quickly proceeded to pay.An sms with ticket numbers came later and kaboom,here we go.

On travel day,Mwendwa escorted me and family to the bus station along River road.Mwendwa was also a neighbour in Baba ndogo,Nairobi.We got to the office and we were directed to the counter to go print our tickets after inquiring.I was so happy because I had saved alot of money and for the first time I would travel in a Modern Coast bus.At exactly 8:30pm we boarded the bus and it left.

The journey was one memorable one.We got served each a bottle of water.The rhumba music that the driver played took me back the days I was young and energetic to go to party.The ride was smooth and I reckon all my children and wife slept barely an hour from start of the journey.Momentarily she could wake up when the young one cried.

In summary by around 5am in the morning we alighted in Kakamega and headed home using a taxi.Back home taxi’s charge ksh 100 for a very long distance.I had transported my family home in style.

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