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Air conditioned Buses for Uganda and Rwanda

When travelling long distances one has to enjoy beautiful scenery as well as be comfortable.Modern Coast is the home of comfortable and stylish travel.The Oxygen brand over years has grown to be the most liked for travelling especially to areas that experience high temperatures.

Inside the oxygen bus

The AVOD system on all seats

This means of transport has been synonymous with Coastal town of Mombasa.The bus are fully air conditioned with hostess aboard.The bus is powered with a 410hp scania rear engine.One of the best attributes of this equipment is the fact that the whole bus rides on air suspension.The cabins are quiet and the entertainment is customised to each seat with the AVOD system(Audio visual on Demand system.

With the current market demands,the company has reinvented the wheel again to serve cross border with the latest scania brands in the world.The Scania touring bus will be introduced to serve the cross border customers to Kampala from Nairobi via Kisumu.The touring bus is a highly sophisticated and comfortable bus designed for comfort and safety.This will see connecting passengers to Kigali also served with this product in picture

The touring buses to be launched





As if that is not enough the company will also soon introduce air conditioned buses from Nairobi to Kampala and Kigali well known as the gemilang buses.They are very comfortable and also ride on air suspension at the load axles at the rear.This is set to begin at the start of November.The niche market for this units will have something to write about home.This is an addition to the normal and executive buses that already ply the three countries with minimum distance of 800kms.This is the expansion programme under the strategy 2017-2022.



  1. Hello. I would appreciate if the company introduced a new route from Mombasa to Siaya

    • Hi Hellen,

      Thank you for writing to us, please note, we are working on more and more routes, we will update on our social media pages and website in case Siaya route is launched as well. Thank you.

      Kind Regards
      Jared Ombongi.

  2. Dear Modern,

    I am your loyal customer especially on Mombasa route and I have noticed with concern that the Oxygen bus for both day/night time were pulled out, what could have been the reason?

    • Hi Samuel,

      Thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our loyal customer. Please note, the Oxygen buses are now on Nairobi to Kampala and Kampala to Kigali routes, we will advise in case we introduce new Oxygen buses for Nairobi to Mombasa routes. Thank you.

  3. Hi
    How many hours from Nairobi to Kigali?

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