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Unrivaled customer service experience at Modern


A new dawn is evident in the service industry that is characterized by a drive to boost self-service and automated customer care. Companies and organizations are keen to put systems in place to reduce costs without compromising efficiency in attending to the ever-increasing number of consumer transactions. Modern Coast Express is living to the expectations of its customers by adopting modern technology in service delivery in response to the changing profile of its loyal customers. The company has put in place effective systems and personnel to offer satisfactory services to its customers who have become mobile to the extent that they no longer rely on a single communications device.

The Ultimate Leader (Modern Coast Express) has maintained its competitive edge over other companies in the transport, logistics and courier industry by replacing reactive customer interaction services by more proactive approaches that are cognizant of the growing user-centricity of consumer communications networks. The company’s overriding goal is to satisfy modern customer needs while regarding profit generation as a consequent of quality service.

The latest development in the company is the establishment of a 24 hour customer service. Modern Coast Express appreciates the paradigm shift hence it has moved with speed to reduce customer churn. It is because the company has realized that customers currently expect anywhere and anytime access to services and it is determined to enhance customer experience. In all business and personal transactions, end users expect systems to be established to enable them connect with enterprises whenever, wherever and however they want. Customers have a tendency of decamping to companies with exceptional self-service systems. The slogan “The Ultimate Leader” has been actualized by Modern Coast express by interacting with its customers at the time and in a manner of their choice. The Company also has an effective online bus booking system that saves customers the hustle of moving to the offices for booking services. It is accessible at the company’s website – http://www.modern.co.ke/

Modern Coast caters for customers’ needs to communicate via new and multiple channels. The company does not restrict its communication channel to voice call but gives customers diverse choices like email, web chat, social media and so on. There are professional customer service agents who are highly competent in responding to customer requests and complaints wherever they are via whichever device they are using at any time. While other companies invest a great deal of effort in attempting to reduce costs by eliminating people from vital business processes through automation and system integration, Modern Coast is different in the sense that in its automation and system integration process, the company has shown keen interest in ensuring that customers can talk in real time with its personnel to help solve their problems.

At Modern Coast, we understand that customer loyalty is earned and that it is an integral determinant of success in the service industry. It is for this reason that enough resources are channeled towards programs that are aimed at training customer contact operatives so that they are well equipped to seize the opportunity to satisfy customers at the earliest opportunity through the communications method of their choice. The company is aware that a one-dimensional or a silo approach to voice and data networks can hardly deliver on customer’s high expectations of integrated communications. Our highly developed communications infrastructure and quality service delivery are the key differentiators that set us apart from our competitors and that will enable us satisfy our current and potential customers quickly and rapidly.


Authored by Wycklif Onyango


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  2. This is absolutely true.Offering first customer resolution to all customers across the East African Region,is awesome!Maintain that Zeal &Zest for it makes Modern coast truly the Ultimate Leaders in the entire transport industry.

  3. Amazing article

  4. Kudos to Modern Coast for being the first bus company to have a 24 hours satisfactory Customer Service, highly developed communications infrastructure and quality service delivery. We truly do appreciate you for being the Ultimate Leaders.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Daisy, thank you for this awesome feedback, we appreciate and value you with high esteem, Kindly feel free to write to us again, on any feedback you might deem helpful to us. Kind regards. Cheers!

  5. For sure you are really doing a great job taking the initiative of offering customers agents .Your truly are the ultimate leaders. I feel comfortable safe and secure.Thank you.

  6. For six years I have been travelling with Modern Coast. But I have to be sincere with you that customer service has deteriorated and maintaining your buses. Check on improving. Otherwise you are ultimate.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Samuel. Thanks for contacting us. We value your feedback. We are sorry and we understand your frustrations. We are working on improving our services so that you can have the “travel in style” experience. Thank you.

  7. I m on the 3.00pm bus to Nairobi. Which has left at 3.30pm…The bus is old. Seats are not functioning. Further the bus conductor is rude. With all due respect I don’t see myself taking your buses ever. My ticket no. MO345971and 72.Two seats under Lilian. I doubt you will address this issue.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Maureen, we sincerely apologize for this bad experience, we have forwarded this to the manager in charge to follow up and ensure the same does not happen to our future customers. We have also requested one of our care agent to call you back and get the full details so that we can also relay the feedback to the manager in charge. We are working hard to ensure professionalism is maintained and also, that our customers get that travel in style experience. Apologies once more. Have a lovely afternoon.

  8. Modern coast Huduma zake sijawahi kuzipata kwenye kampuni yoyote!!!

  9. I hate this bus this was my first time using this bus and I HATED IT!!! how do you guys not have a generator and buses like chania have one?? and you call yourself ‘the best’ I was on the bus oxygen A which we were to leave Nairobi at 10:30 and we left Nairobi at 11:56 officially are you guys freaking kidding me?? other than that the leg room is horrible the driver played reggae all the way to Mombasa he was very rude he didn’t want to reduce the volume or change it. we were only given water the whole way!! the wifi wasn’t working!! how the hell are we only supposed to take a break of 15 minutes while their 15-20 buses at the stop a LONG line to use the freaking bathroom!!! the food takes time to be served ofcourse a long line there too!! The sockets kept going on and off?? So did the Ac. I guess that’s some sort of rationing??? for something that I paid for 1700sh to get to Mombasa I do deserve better service!!! me and my girls wont be using this bus again the first and most definitely the last time! their 2 expensive things you could borrow from coast bus great customer service and leg room actually 3 value for ones money!! I hope your day sucks as much as my journey did!!

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Makena, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you your feedback, sincere apologies for the bad experience, we will share with the manager in charge to check and make the changes needed, for that travel in style experience at all times. Also please note, we only give water to normal buses. And Water Juice, and biscuits for Oxygen buses. For the driver behavior, please share your ticket number, and bus registration number to email. customercare@modern.co.ke the manager in charge will check and ensure professionalism is maintained at all times. Thank you.

      • I was on oxygen!!! figure it out just improve on your customer service get people who have character and not just diplomas that you need

  10. Hello Modern Coast. You have been my best guys till I came to Kisumu where by you are spoken so softly before you dodo any booking. Once you pay, everything changes. Kindly advise the guy who picks the Mpesa lin

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi David, thank you for writing to us, we sincerely apologize for that bad experience, please note, we will share this feedback with the manager in charge to check and advise the agents to maintain professionalism at all times. Thank you.

  11. Hi ,
    Modern coast is my bus of choice whenever I’m travelling. I find the service super especially with the oxygen buses.One issue you need to address is the state of your Nairobi Office. I appreciate the challenge with space however you need to spruce up the place,repair the washroom and tidy the place up.the standards you have set should be applied in all areas to give your customers a real experience when using your buses right from booking,waiting,departure,travelling & arrival.continous improvement will give you edge over competition. Kudos.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Evans. Thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our esteemed customer. We sincerely apologize for this, we value your feedback. We are sorry and we understand your frustrations. We are working on improving our services so that all our customers can have the “travel in style” experience. We will surely share this feedback with the manager in charge to check and ensure changes are made where necessary. Thank you for choosing Modern Coast Express. We value you.

  12. Modern coast is most safest bus of choice, but please make the Malindi -Nairobi buses go through mavueni-mariakani to avoid the delays in Mombasa.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Samuel, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our loyal customer. We value your feedback and will share with the manager in charge to check and consider this request. If the same is agreed we will update in our website as well. Thank you.

  13. Benytho Gilbert

    good buses

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Gilbert, thank you for the feedback, we appreciate and value you for being out loyal customer. Thank you.

  14. mohamedy shabani

    I love this travel company

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Mohamedy, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate the love and love you right back. Thank you 🙂

  15. mohamedy shabani

    I love this company

  16. Have never been disappointed with Modern coast like I did today. Having booked a kisii to Mombasa bus online for today ticket no KS23704, as I was coming from Oyugis traffic was terrible n I found myself late for 15minutes but to my surprise the bus had left and neither was I called. So what’s the essence of supplying u guys with my number n to make it worse ur customer care was worse at the office n also on phone. I regret having been ur regular client. Am now in a shuttle that I never planned for but at least they are friendly.

  17. Am sorry to say but modern coast died with its owner. Poor service, harsh staffs, regular stops on the way, no wifi . Am praying for more competition so that u people up ur game.

  18. I would like to experience a travel with you in December. where is your location?

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi John. Thank you for writing to us, you are welcome. To know our office locations, check on our website, http://www.modern.co.ke and click on office location, select the country and click on the blue lion to see location. Thank you.

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  20. I want to travel from Arusha – Dar , what the best I can EXPECT from Modern Coast

    • Hi Kelvin, thank you for writing to us, please note, the best you can expect is luxury travel. We also offer our customers, water for refreshment. Thank you.

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