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The land of milk and honey, Mbarara

Are you a lover of parks, beautiful sceneries and a fan of nature? Then here are a few awesome facts that you need to know about Mbarara, Uganda.

Mbarara town is a region commonly known as “the land of milk and honey” located in Uganda, one of the Eastern African countries. It’s in Mbarara district and it’s the largest urban centre, main business capital of Western Uganda and one of the fastest growing towns in Uganda.

Being one of the vast tourist attractions in Uganda, the town is located about 290 kilometers, south of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

Mbarara is blessed with beautiful natural sceneries including four national parks which can be accessed from Mbarara town within minutes and some a few hours’ drive depending on their location. Some of these beautiful Mother Nature’s are as follows:


Its Within Mbarara district and it will take you around 35minutes to drive from Mbarara town; Game viewing being the main tourist attraction due to its biodiversity.


It will take you like 1 and a half hours to drive from Mbarara town. It’s said that this park has the highest biodiversity ratings of any game reserve in the world.


“Bunyonyi” literally means birds. This can only signify that there are several bird species on the Islands of Lake Bunyonyi.

Situated in Kabale district and it will take you approximately 2hours to drive from Mbarara town.


To get to this beautiful park it will take you up to approximately 3 hours while driving from Mbarara town.

This park is well known to have gorillas since its one of the main habitats of mountain gorillas.

If you have always wanted to go for a gorilla jungle tracking then this is the place to be!


You don’t have to be “all business” when you visit Mbarara in Uganda, create some time to visit some of the Uganda’s finest and if you think that you have had the most fascinating thing about Mbarara then you are wrong, here is what you also need to know.

We as Modern Coast Express Limited can easily get you to this beautiful town in Uganda. All you have to do is book a date to travel with us.

We have a bus that always leaves at 5pm going to Mbarara from Nairobi and if you are coming from Kigali you can also board one at 8pm on a daily basis.

We have different types of seats according to your style and they also vary in charges apart from their sizes and comfort.

You can as well pay either in Kenyan, Ugandan or Rwandan currency. Our prices are affordable and you will also get the comfort that you need in our luxurious buses.

Always travel in style courtesy of Modern Coast Express Limited!!!


– Betty Mugo


  1. i would love to visit mbarara.

    • Thank you Witness Kisome.Travel in style with Modern coast express limited!


        • Hi Samuel. Please note our fare charges vary with the seat selected from Kigali to Kampala. VIP Seat Price RwF 15000, First Class Seat Price RwF 13000 and Business Class Seat Price RwF 10000. Kindly note, you can be able to check this from our website, http://www.modern.co.ke when you select the travel points, date, currency and click on search on the main page. You will see fare charges as well as timings. Thank you.

  2. Awesome piece!! I should consider this destination for a small holiday

  3. A very great article from Modern Coast . I’m a fan of modern coat and from real experience I was once travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa via Modern Coast with my brother, it was a very comfortable journey and we did arrive safely and in time. After two days however , I realised I didn’t have my ATM card and clearly remembered carrying it with me and so full
    of stress and panicked I called the bank and bloked the card then proceeded to Mombasa town offices of Modern Coast to enquire if the card had been found by the bus staff. At the reception we met a lady called Betty to whom we explained our predicament, she assured us that if the card had been dropped in the bus , they would find it and hand it over she asked for our contact details which we gave and told her we would be leaving back for Nairobi after one more day. We got a call the same evening from her to come to their offices, which we did very early in the morning and after verifying our identification and making copies she handed over the ATM card. It was such a relief. Ever greatful for the honesty and dedication.

  4. I never knew this… thanks a lot for sharing Betty. Will surely find time to visit and see for myself.

  5. Waoooooooo…………!! cool charming words always tempting me to make a date and visit The land of milk and honey.

  6. magnificent

  7. Do you offer Migori -Nairobi??

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      hi thanks for contacting us we are glad to serve you, we have a bus daily to Mombasa via Nairobi at 4 PM, you can use this bus and alight in Nairobi.

  8. Hi,
    Its amazing. just want to know the price from Dar to Kampala

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      hi thanks for contacting us, we do not have a direct bus on that route, however you can connect via Nairobi.

  9. i traveled with you guys to Kigali and back to Nairobi and i must admit your services are Awesome

  10. Twesigye Willy Nzaaro

    where is yr office located in Mbarara and kampala. thanks.

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      Hi Twesigye, thank you for writing to us, please note you can get our office locations from our website, http://www.modern.co.ke, click on office locations and select the country, once you click on the blue marks in the particular town, you will see the office location. Modern Coast Express Mbarara Office contacts are +254 0705700888 and Kampala office is located in (Rashid Khamis Rd) description +256 780 234 040.

  11. Is there a direct route from Nrb to Kigali?

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      Hi Bill, yes we do, kindly check in our website, http://www.modern.co.ke and book online, prices vary depending with the seat type. VIP 4000.00
      FC 3700.00 and BIZ 3500.00 Please note, all this prices are in Kenyan shillings.

  12. Wonderful Mbarara is my origin…..wow

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      Hi Tumuhimbise, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you. Always travel in style with modern coast express.

  13. That’s a good service you guys render.
    Can you organise or direct your clients in terms of accommodation like outside Kenya?
    For Mbarara, can you organise for ex cations in the park?

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Cavin. Thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our esteemed customer. We appreciate your feedback, and will share with management for further discussions and feedback. Thank you.

  14. Very nice bus, would travel by some time in the future.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Johnson, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you. You are welcome to travel with us the modern style. Cheers!

  15. how long does it take from Nairobi to Mbarara?

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