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Safety Vests!

Partnering with NTSA for Safety


Modern Coast Coaches Ltd is a luxury coach company incorporated on 26th May 2007 operating

within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Modern Coast Coaches is one of the most

recognized luxury bus companies operating in the region with highest safety standards. The

company has over 50 branches in Kenya ,three branches in Uganda , 6 branches in Tanzania and

one branch in Rwanda.


The company started with a fleet of 6 brand new Scania buses and currently has a fleet of over 90

state of the art coaches. There are more than ten daily services of the air-conditioned buses from

Mombasa and Nairobi with the rest being the non air-conditioned services.

Modern Coast is the only luxury coach company in East Africa to provide both first class and

business class service on board. The seats have varied comfort and sizes for value for money.

What informed the name “Modern Coast”

Well, every tom dick and hurry was operating between Mombasa and Nairobi with no bare minimum

professionalism in service industry. No special long distance coaches, no safety standards, no wifi and other

services on board. The value for money was not being realised. Modern coast came to being and

revolutionized the industry by providing professional services. The “coast” came from the initial dispatch

point which was the coastal city of Mombasa. The “Modern” is how the latest technology was incorporated to

achieve a better travel solution. Moving with current time and adjusting to day to day needs of the society.

Why safety?

Modern coast has time to time improved its safety precautions so as to enable our customers travel safely and

in comfort.Since establishment of NTSA we have experienced a positive improvement on safety

standards.NTSA as an enforcer have championed a lot of avenues that has made our roads safer.We are party

to such initiatives because they directly impact our customers and the company.The impact of adherence to

safety measures can only be equated to a successful road to prosperity.Modern coast as a private company

took the mandate of road safety to be able to lead by example that safety is not an organization mandate but a

personal motive.


-Jervis Sundays


  1. wifi and airconditioners are such disguise in the executive buses frm uganda to rwanda.
    the workers frm kigali are so rude and then try to fix time in uganda.
    try to be good time managers because some times the bus delays for almost 2hrs.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Sam. Thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our esteemed customer. We sincerely apologize for this, we value your feedback. We are sorry and we understand your frustrations. We are working on improving our services so that all our customers can have the “travel in style” experience. We will surely share this feedback with the manager in charge to check and ensure changes are made where necessary. Thank you for choosing Modern Coast Express. We value you

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