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Courier Services

Courier services

‘Mulembe’ with Modern Coast

‘Mulembe’ a common word in Western Kenya is meant to mean ‘well’.Probably the warm nature of the people from Western Kenya would describe that.This is one region you are welcome and you feel at home.Modern Coast was and is one ...

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Ultimate comfort and Safety

American power house with comfort It is now a month since the American engine landed to Modern coast. Cummins’ roots are planted in soil nourished by innovation, persistence and a commitment to community. Founded in Columbus, Ind., in 1919 as ...

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  Over the last 7 years, Lady hope Cancer Support project has had many cancer patients from different parts of our country. All of them have at one time or the other sort specialized treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital especially ...

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Qualities of the Modern Employee

Staff training is an essential and indispensable part of Human Resource Management. At modern Coast, the essence of training employees to enable them conquer their work and provide satisfactory services to clients is recognized. The company is observant of today’s ...

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Revolutionising road transport

Not long ago, it didn’t matter how you got to a destination as long as you got there, neither did it matter how long you took to get there, the transport system was nightmare to many a travelers, from poor ...

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Destination Mombasa

Going to Mombasa or coming from Mombasa? Modern Coast gives you a variety of buses and time schedules to choose from, we are flexible enough to meet most of our client demands and time schedules. With over 14 connections between ...

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Advantages of Modern courier

Courier is a company or a person that takes messages, letters or parcels from one person to another or from one place to another. We at Modern Coast offer both passenger and courier services to our clients. With over 27 ...

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