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Advantages of Modern courier

Courier is a company or a person that takes messages, letters or parcels from one person to another or from one place to another. We at Modern Coast offer both passenger and courier services to our clients. With over 27 offices spread in 4 different countries we have a large and efficient network that ensures our courier services are among the very best and most reliable in the region.
There are many benefits of using parcel delivery services. I will take you through some of the advantages you get when you opt for our courier services:

  • Saves time and money
    If you want to send your parcel to a specific location within a specific time frame, you can opt for parcel delivery services. These ensures the safe and timely delivery of your parcel without you having to take the trip down there to deliver it in person, you thus end up saving on both time and money.
  • Pricing
    Our courier service charge according to the size and weight of the parcel to be sent, we also consider the distance to be covered. We are hence flexible enough to meet most client needs.
  • Reliability
    Our parcel delivery service is known to be very reliable. We are among the most recognized travel and courier brands in the region, with several buses plying different routes daily, this makes us very reliable.
  • Regional presence
    With a presence in 4 countries in the East African region namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and now Rwanda we have a regional appeal, making it easy to send your parcels to and from any of the four countries with ease.
  • Overnight deliveries
    This is where a client sends a parcel today and expects the recipient to get it the next day, we have several buses plying the different route by night, this makes it easy to transport goods and parcels overnight to the different towns we serve, you can therefore trust us with your overnight deliveries.
  • Corporate client
    With us you can register as a corporate client and have us pick and deliver goods at your door step, this goes a long way in ensuring you do not waste valuable time going to the office and making queues, we are just a phone call away.
  • Online tracking
    You can send and track your parcels all the way to their destination, we have an online tracking system that allows our clients to send and track their parcels.

Are you looking for a different way to send your parcel today or in the near future? If yes then look no further. We will do the job for you. We offer many different services as highlighted above namely next day delivery, weekend delivery and corporate delivery.



    You are the best, wana have a trip with you, how much kigali Nairobi ?

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      Hi Jean, thank you for writing to us, kindly note our prices vary depending with the seat type selected, please check in our website, http://www.modern.co.ke once you key in the destinations and click on search, you will be able to see the prices as indicated here. VIP 29000.00, FC 27000.00 and BIZ 25000.00. Please note this prices are in Rwanda currency.

  2. try 2 bring luxury bus via kapsabet 2 mumias,tired of ths old stuff

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      Hi Vincent, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate your feedback, please note we have shared this to the department in charge for follow up and changes where necessary. We appreciate you for being our loyal customer.

  3. Want to know how much from Dar to Nrb

    • Modern Coast Express Ltd

      Hi Lenny, thank you for your interest to travel with us, kindly note, our fare charges vary depending with the seat type. VIP Seat Price TZS 75000,
      First Class Seat Price TZS 70000 and Business Class Seat PriceTZS 65000. Please visit our booking office near you for booking.

  4. Hi
    Do you have a route kigali to dar and back?

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Majambo. Thank you for writing to us, yes we have our buses to Kigali. Discover our locations and route maps when you visit the “Services & Office Locations” menu or by clicking on this link: (www.modern.co.ke/index.php/online/page/network)

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get this box to my friend as soon as possible. He lives too far away for me to drive all the way down there and back. I didn’t know that couriers could make overnight deliveries! I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks for the information!

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Braden, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our esteemed customer. In case you need help please let us know. Our customer care numbers are. +254705700888 or +254737940000. Thank you.

  6. Mr.Ali Mutheki Kiamah

    We had complete trust and confidence in your services until las Sunday.As: dual,I had some Islamic ladies attire to be ferried to Arusha.The whole consignmenwas worth 60000ksh.he goods were supposed to be collected at your Arusha office the following day.I was informed,the parcel never got to Arusha so I contacted courier office through the numbers on the receipt.They were very helpful land ;connected me to your Namanga boarder agent.

    • Modern Coast Express

      Hi Mr Ali, thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our loyal customer, we appreciate the feedback and are glad to note, you received the help needed. Thank you.

  7. Hello, how much will it cost me to send a parcel to dar? from Nairobi

    • Hi Angela, thank you for writing to us, please note, parcel charges vary depending with the kilograms and contents in the parcel. Please visit our booking office near you, our courier associate will assist. Thank you.

  8. Hello modern love your services though disappointed this time, my mother sent me a parcel from kisumu to Mombasa (Mtwapa) on the 18/3/2017 till today I’m being taken in circles, what’s going on? I’ve visited almost all the offices in Mombasa but nothing, the parcel is really important and all this is inconveniencing me honestly

    • Hi Maxwell, sincere apologies for that, please contact our customer care on +254705700888 and provide the parcel tracking number, one of our care agent will urgently assist to trace your parcel. Thank you.

  9. Hi, how much do you charge per kilogram of a parcel from mombasa to kendu/bay

    • Hi Juliet. Thank you for writing to us, please note, all parcel charges are given at our booking offices based on the parcel rate cards available, please visit the office near you for advise. Thank you.

      Kind Regards
      Jared Ombongi.

  10. Do you normally notify both the recipient and the client because am informed someone has sent me a parcel from nrb to klf I’ve not received any notification from modern coast

    • Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for writing to us, please note, sms alert is only sent to the recipient so that he/she can proceed for pick up. Thank you.

      Kind Reagrds
      Jared Ombongi.

  11. Dear Modern Coast,

    I need to send 2 tonnes of tiles from Nairobi to western Kenya.

    Please advise if you its possible to work with you.

    Kind regards,


  12. i always use.modern cost to.send parcels from nairobi to dar es salaam or from dar es salaam to nairobi but this time i am dispaointed i.sent 4 bags from dar to nairobi on 29th dec unfortunately i received only 3 bags saying one bag they dont knw where it is ,i request you find my bag

    • Hi Aisha,

      Thank you for writing to us, we appreciate and value you for being our loyal customer, please send an email to couriercare@modern.co.ke the manager in charge will follow up and assist on this. Thank you.

      Kind Regards
      Jared Ombongi.

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